Herbal-Floral Steam Facial

Written by, N.S. Dezelich / April 03, 2018 / All Rights Reserved

6 Easy Steps to Rejuvenate Your Skin


The steam facial is a treatment used with water, which undergoes a process called the gas phase. Resulting, as a mist or aerosol for opening the pores and thoroughly cleansing the skin. It is quite popular for its benefits and amazing results. As I would like to call it the “Magical Water.” This treatment has been widely used for years in the professional field of esthetics, aiding in the removal of toxins, blackheads, buildups and other purposes. However, due to sensitivity purposes it is recommended to use atleast once a week.


Like in aromatherapy, plant extracts and essential oils are used for massages and baths. In similar concept, aromatic herbs are also recommended for facial steamers—to reach deep into our derma by allowing the herbal properties to treat oily, dry, and even the complex skin. There are plenty of different herbs and essential oils [SAVE 15%] to serve your skin. Some of the herbs are: Chamomile, Rose, Common sage, Witch-hazel, Turmeric, Basil, Comfrey, Lavender, English marigold, Greater burdock, Dandelion, Centella asiatica, Ginger, Yarrow, Green tea, Cinnamon, Red clover, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Tea tree oil and many more. Whether you choose to use organic leaves or solution, the herbs are here to bring your natural glow to light. With amazing results in softening and clearing your skin to a brighter face, you will see great results!

While this ah-mazing treatment is available in the market, people are now familiar with this and are also practicing in their very own premise. There are various devices you may purchase ranging from mini portable ones to standard size ones, and some may also include the extraction kit. Or, you may choose the inexpensive way, by using what you have at home — the pot! So, let’s get started! Click here for a coupon on the standard size steam facial.

What you’ll need:

• Water

• Pot

• Towel

• Essential oils or herbs. Yes, even those rose petals!


Steps to take:

  • 1. Pour cold water into a pot and wait until it boils
  • 2. Lower the temperature and allow it to simmer
  • 3. Add herbs or essential oils of your choice to the pot. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes.
  • 4. While on low heat, make sure you allow enough distance of 10-15 inches from your face and the pot
  • 5. Extend your face over the pot and using the towel, place it around your head to cover the area
  • 6. You should allow a good 10-15 minutes to work from the facial steam treatment

*Always remember to turn off the stove when done.


It is imperative to close the pores! Using cold water to cleanse your face after the use of a facial steam treatment is always advised. Personally, I prefer to use a stainless steel or regular ice roller. It is also highly recommended to use a facial serum afterwards, to reach deep inside the derma and work the skin. The skin will absorb it much efficiently because of the treatment process being used. The best serums to use that will benefit your skin are Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Pro-Collagen Retinol. These are very popular in the market for rejuvenating the skin. Once, you have applied the serum of your choice, allow it to concentrate for about 2-3 minutes before applying makeup. Most importantly, last but not least—use sunscreen!