“Professional Hair stylists’ tips to healthy looking hair!”

May 27, 2018 | Written by, N.S. Dezelich | All Rights Reserved

Okay, so here it is! No matter how many times I have been to the hair salon in the past years, the upkeep consists of me going back several times. Instead, I wanted less visits to the hair salon and more advice regarding the maintenance of my hair. Recently, I was provided with the 411 on several beauty tips. I am here to share some of them with you because I know that like you, I once wondered too.

“Enjoy Beautiful and Healthy Hair!”

These haircare tips are going to inspire you towards a healthy upkeep. Perhaps, some of you may know some of these tips already, but for those who don’t, I’m here to share the good news to beautiful and healthy hair! Cheers!

Just before we begin I would like to address that not all the beauty tips I’m about to share may work for everyone. This is why I advise you to seek professional advice or a hair stylist that may help you with your concerns.

“Lock In Moisture”

Avoid blow-outs right away! Most of us tend to completely dry our hair right after taking a shower. Which is a huge mistake! The hair is suppose to be towel dried for a few minutes before completely drying it out. This way it allows the strands to soak up enough water to hold as moisture. It is indeed worth the wait.

How To:

  1. Lightly towel dry and leave alone for 5-10 minutes. (The longer the time–the better!)
  2. Using a serum or hair oil, lightly pump a small amount onto your hand and sparingly apply on the tail or wherever you seek to want moisture. *If you’re going to blow dry—Blow dry products are great for this method! It can be used when your hair is still wet. The results are amazing! The brands I use are: Blow Pro blow dry lotion and the Macadamia Professional
  3. Then blow out.

“Split Ends, Oh My!”

We all have heard of the saying “Hair only grows from the roots,” that was the old mindset. However, new studies show that hair growth also reflects on how we treat our ends as well. Yes! Hair keeps growing from the follicles to the end of that strand. That is to say, we shall not only nourish our roots but also our split ends. Hence, the myth of trimming our ends constantly, doesn’t promote hair growth, which has no effect on the follicles; yet, it does promote a thicker hair strand. I hardly trim my ends and try my best to condition them as much as possible. Products I use for my split ends are: Awapuhi Cream Rinse by Paul Mitchell and “It’s a 10” Miracle leave-in treatment.

💡FYI: Did you know that if we were to condition our ends frequently we wouldn’t have to trim our hair constantly.

“The Old-School Spanish Anchoitas”

Anchoitas, “Pin Curls” in English, is The old school way to weatherproof a blow out! A prevalent after care and an ingenious technique. Yes, the kind of nightly haircare that many were fooled into thinking that the person must have woken up with perfect hair. Lol. Well, it’s a way to maintain your hairstyle throughout the night for the next day. Many Spanish women use this technique every other night, religiously. Thus, they wake up looking like they just came back from the salon. If kept in tact using a net, the hair comes out looking voluptuous. I, for one, am too lazy to keep up with this kind of care, but if you have the time, it is worth it and also costs you less visits to the salon.

“Keep It In The Groove”

Unlike the Spanish “Anchoitas” which is meant to maintain a blow out, there is the layback traditional way we can add to our haircare tips, as we all know as “hair braiding.” It is simple and quite easy for one to learn. Braiding has proven to strengthen the strands by reducing breakage. Also, a great way in keeping hair in place. It is in between the grooves that these hair strands stay compacted.

💡FYI: Using essential oils while braiding will influence nourishment within the strands.

“Growth Within”

Vitamins and a healthy diet is as essential as up-keeping with your hair because it also has to work within and not with just using products. Biotin and Minoxidil are great for hair growth, but if you want to speed up the process “Hair Rush” by Ultrax Labs, is a recommended supplement. This is by far one of the supplements that is considerably recommended by professional hair experts. I’m sure most of you have been saying “But I’ve tried everything and it seems as if nothing works.” Well, try this and see if it‘s worth a trial.

Advice: Not all supplements may work for everyone, as our bodies have different chemical responses to certain substances. If you’re experiencing hair loss or any other chronic related issues, you should seek professional advice from a dermatologist.

💡FYI: Did you know dark hair promotes faster hair growth more than blondes. That is because the darker strands have thick layers as opposed to lighter strands due sensitivity to breakage. Also, caffeinated shampoo and conditioners aid in awakening the follicles!

“Mask It Under the Heat!”

I went into a salon one day and stroked a conversation with the stylist, whom was advising me about my dried out hair. I was explaining to him about my hairs’ resistance towards the mask resulting into an unsuccessful outcome. As he looked sternly at me and saying “Honey, mask it up under the heat and lock moisture!” He explained to me that sometimes fragile hair needs to undergo a heating process in order for the mask to feed the strands by reaching deep within. Thus, during this process, the mask will be able to contribute to protein filament. It was truly the best advice in regards to feeding fragile hair. So, I guess it’s time to invest in one of those hard hat hair dryers.

Tip: Add drops of essential oils into your conditioner for silky results!

-N.S. Dezelich


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