Matcha Latta?!!

“My Superb Matcha Latta”

Written by N.S. Dezelich | September 21, 2018 | All Rights Reserved

“Looking to enjoy tea or wean off from coffee?” I use particular additions to help with that. AND the amazing part is, this tea contains one of the best ingredients that’ll benefit your skin and health!!

My favorite tea to make first thing in the morning is Matcha. I make mine a bit different than from the traditional way and lighter than from the ones at the café.

I have been trying to wean off coffee for a while, just so that I can routinely maintain my skincare. I prefer my tea a bit sweet and creamy, similar my morning coffee. I’ve noticed, if I made it similar to how I make my coffee, perhaps, my routine may change and I might lean towards having more tea than coffee. Of course, that’ll be a plus, not just for my skin but also health wise.

You’re wondering what “Latta,” might mean as I mentioned on the headline, and it is simply a relation to Lattè. Well for starters, Lattè means coffee with steamed milk. In that being said, I decided to call my steamed milky Matcha tea, “Matcha Latta.” Yes, sounds cool already. Now, let’s get started!

What to use:

1. Matcha- Organic Japanese (finely milled green tea powder)

2. Steamed milk

3. Brown Sugar or Honey

4. Tea bag (of your choice)

How to make:

• Using a tea bag of your choice, place a tea bag in the cup and add hot water. I personally love to use Aloha tea.

• Secondly, allow it to simmer for 5-8 mins. I let it settle longer while covering the top, to make sure I get all the extraction from the tea bag.

• Add steamed milk. I use about 3 drops, therefore, I don’t override the purpose of the tea leaves.

• Then, add 1 teaspoon of Matcha. If you have a bigger size cup, you may want to add a table spoon. Stir well.

• Add a bit of sweetener of your preference. *Remember, we don’t want to suppress the benefits of the tea leaves. So, adding a small amount of sugar or honey is well enough.

Finally, there you have it. Something that can knock you right off your feet and perhaps, have you second guessing coffee. If you’re trying to wean off, or want to look for a subtle change, then this recipe is considerably worth it.

*(Click) to learn more about the benefits of Matcha.

All love,

Nikki 🥀


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